The Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development is the city’s international prize that recognizes and supports work towards sustainable development. The first winner was awarded in 2000. The award is 1 million Swedish krona (SEK) and it highlights the possibilities and measures needed for a brighter future.


Park Won Soon, South Korea

The Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development goes this year to Park Won-Soon, Mayor of Seoul in South Korea, one of the world’s first sharing cities.

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When: November 17
Time: 13:30-17:00
Venue: Folkets Hus, Draken, Järntorget.

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THEME 2016:

With this year’s theme the jury wants to highlight the opportunities that sharing ownership and information offer for sustainable development.

Sharing resources makes it possible, for instance, to transport goods more efficiently and to make public transport a more efficient way for people to travel. New ways of collaborating through open networks, the possibility of grassroots funding for projects, the ability to share information or even get free access to education online, are opening up new opportunities for global development to more and more people.


”For outstanding contributions towards a more sustainable future.”

The Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development is given each year to people or organisations for outstanding performance and achievements towards a sustainable future. The price is 1 million swedish krona (SEK) and shows what is possible and necessary for a brighter future.

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The prize, which is one million Swedish crowns, is administrated and funded by a coalition of the City of Göteborg, Västra Götalandsregionen and eleven companies.

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