Almedalen July 7th – Are we all entitled to our own living space?

33lthough voices has been raised from politicians, scientists as well as citizens regarding the emerging housing shortage things are moving to slow and sometimes in the wrong direction.  We need to think again regarding sustainable construction, economy and strategy.  The Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena, together with his architect colleagues in the “do-tank” Elemental, has developed alternative housing solutions that are considered groundbreaking in the construction industry. Not only have they developed concrete methods, they also share them – totally free and accessible to everyone!

The panel discusses Elemental’s approach and links it to the housing policy in Sweden. Can we apply these methods to the construction industry here and can this be an inspiration source to take seriously?

Watch a video clip from the panel discussion.



Björn Siesjö, Gothenburg City Architect and Judge Member Gothenburg award for sustainable development, Stadsbyggnadskontoret Göteborg
Sima Zangiabadi, Business Development Manager, PEAB Housing in Solna
Kristina Jonäng (C), Chairman of the Environment Committee, Västra Götaland Region
Marie Lindén, Housing Policy Specialist, Tenant Association Western Sweden
Ulf Kamne (MP), Municipal Council Gothenburg, First Deputy Chairman and responsible for the areas of urban development, housing, land, environment, climate and cycle.

Organizer: Gothenburg award for sustainable development

Time: Friday 7 July 09:00 to 10:00
Location: West Sweden Arenan
Contact: Nathalie Bödtker-Lund Project Manager, +46 735-345484,

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