Gothenburg Award For Sustainable Development @vetfest_gbg

On May 13th Gothenburg Award For Sustainable Development held a program at the International science festival Gothenburg in Nordstan.

Gothenburg City Architect Björn Siesjö, who is in the jury of the award, moderated a conversation about how Gothenburg can be inspired by the award winner of the year Alejandro Aravena and the view on sustainable design and architecture in the city.

  • Björn Siesjö, Gothenburg City Architect and Judge Member Gothenburg award for sustainable development.
  • Ulf Kamne, Municipal Council Gothenburg, First Deputy Chairman and Responsible for the areas Urban Development, Housing, Land, Environment, Climate and Circuitry.
  • Pedram Kouchakpour, Negotiation Manager Tenant Association Western Sweden

Here is the film from the program point “The Gothenburg Award For Sustainable Development presents the theme of the year: Sustainable design”